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Automatic Rent Roll Integration

Instantly connect your data with no effort. realxdata’s unique technology automatically identifies, extracts and checks all relevant information inside your rent roll files & memos.

You maintain ownership of your data which remains hosted in Germany protected by the highest security standards and in compliance with EU regulations.

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Automatic Rent Roll & Memo Analysis

  • Easily drag & drop rent roll files & memos – No pre-formatting needed!
  • State-of-the-art security & encryption
  • You maintain ownership of your data at every point

Value add

  • Fast analysis powered by machine learning
  • Instantly available analytics

API & Data Integration

Seamlessly connecting data is at the core of realxdata DNA. Integrating with multiple solutions in the real estate software ecosystem allows for instant
and continuous data streams.

realxdata strongly believes in the power of ecosystems and therefore continuously integrates relevant real estate solutions to ensure the best quality data.

Ready-to-use Business Intelligence Platform

realxdata brings state-of-the-art analytics to your team’s fingertips.

Anyone in your team can instantly identify the most relevant KPI’s for your portfolio, assets or acquisition pipeline to support a data-driven decision-making process. From executive-level reporting down to individual tenant analytics, you will find everything in one place.

Customizing the platform with your logo and corporate identity brings realxdata to the center of your company.

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360° Market View

Gain access to a holistic block-level market view with real-time market developments and benchmarking for any type of use, allowing you to instantly analyse any local real estate market:

  • Rent Developments & Forecasts
  • Value Developments
  • Vacancy & Take-up
  • Comparables
  • Socio-Demographic Data
  • Public Law & Regulations
  • News & Market Monitor
  • Points of Interest
  • Construction Plans
  • Restricted Areas
  • Ground Values
  • Noise Information

Real-time data sourcing technology by realxdata ensures you have the most- accurate and current data right at your fingertips. Instead of spending vast amounts of time searching and preparing data yourself, realxdata gives you the time to make the right decisions.

Data Science based
Advanced Analytics

Maximize value and minimize risk with accurate rental pricing and asset valuation using Machine Learning Analytics developed by realxdata.

Our Machine Learning Model predicts an accurate price for any property or location after analysing hundreds of features & data points. It delivers transparent results, so you understand each value driver identified by our Interpretability Model.

Our Forecasting Model further ensures your success with predictions of future price developments.

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What is the right price?

Determine an accurate rental price or value for your asset with our Machine Learning Model using hundreds of asset- specific characteristics such as renovation status and neighbourhood socio- demographic data.

What impacts my asset’s price?

We value transparency and are never satisfied with black box models. Our unique Interpretability Model delivers fully transparent results, highlighting how specific factors impact the value of your individual assets.

How are prices evolving?

Stay ahead of the competition with timely insights into price trends of specific markets. With our Forecasting Model, make better decisions today, based on tomorrow’s prices.

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